OK… so this is a little late… But the 2020 Day of Prayer came and went, along with 2020 itself. It certainly was a different sort of year, and our day of prayer reflected that – some people met online through a Zoom, some people met in groups and online, and some just met in groups.

The online bit was apparently a bit awkward at times, since it was new to us. But that just means we will do it better next time! 😉 You should have heard the ideas the committee have got for next year. 😀

The important thing is that we prayed, bringing the concerns of Baptist women across the world to God, laying our needs and hopes before him. And we spent time together, encouraging each other.

I’ve been sent this photo of women meeting for the day of Prayer at Mangere Bridge Baptist. I wasn’t there, but feel free you guys to send me a description to go with the picture! Or anyone else to send me their pics and I’ll add them on to this post.

By the way, if anyone wants to get the material we used for the Day of Prayer, here is the link to the info page.

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