October 16th 2021

The Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer links Baptist women around the world, offering courage as women realise their sisters in other countries are praying for them.

The official programme can be downloaded here:

The following page contains the most important excerpts.

If you would like further advice on your Day of Prayer event, please contact Olwyn Dickson
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Resources for your event

Prayer for the regional areas:


We ask for Day of Prayer donations.
Half of this giving goes to Baptist Women of the Pacific, half to selected projects. Here are the projects chosen for this year, further detail is in the official booklet:

  • Frog farming in Thailand
  • Sewing in Vanuatu
  • Library in Cameroon
  • Lighters of Hope in the Philippines

You can get a report on the project from last year here:

Account for NZ donations

Baptist Women New Zealand, 02-0160-0375733-00
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Bible study

Choose from Malawi, or Trinidad and Tobago.


Biographies of modern Baptist women.

Choose from: India, Brazil, Peru, Fiji, Pakistan, Togo



This Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer began in 1948 after the devastation and division of World War II. Women began a healing process to reunite Baptists and strengthen bonds.

It now reaches women round the world. In 2018, there were 216 Baptist conventions and unions around the world. The program for the Women’s World Day of Prayer is written by a different continental union each year, and copies are sent to more than 120 translators. 

In some places, women walk several miles, some up and down mountains, to reach the place of prayer. Many Baptist sisters in Eastern Europe said that it was prayer that brought freedom and peace to their countries after the internal fighting of the 1990s.  The need continues.

New Zealand Baptists are part of a world-wide work for God, with a chance to give and receive in prayer.

Baptist Women’s Union of Africa

This group covers 37 countries.
Prayer pointers:

  • Poverty increased during COVID-19 as economic activity declined. Pray for women across Africa who have lost their jobs.
  • In South Africa, BWUA supports a project to shelter abused women and children. Pray for transformed husbands. Pray that church leaders will stand against abuse.

Caribbean Baptist Women’s Union

This group covers 17 member bodies.
Prayer pointers:

  • Thank God women are offering themselves for ministry and serving diligently.
  • Pray for the training and development of new women leaders, our biggest need.
  • Pray for the Baptist Union of Trinidad and Tobago Women’s Department’s with employment in Horticulture for food, and leadership training.

Baptist Women of the Pacific

This group covers Australia, NZ, PNG, West Papua, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Tonga,
Prayer needs:

  • Pray for the many women who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and the severe downturn in tourism, a major source of employment in the Pacific.
  • Pray for this year’s fund-raising for Vanuatu, where, in April 2020, tropical cyclone Harold wreaked damage. Homes of some of our Vanuatuan sisters collapsed. The BWP team raised funds (AU$1500) online for “Packs”.
  • The Domestic Violence project seeks to better equip Australian Baptist pastors to protect those caught in violence. Pray for better outcomes in helping those experiencing domestic violence.

Asia Baptist Women’s Union

This group has 36 member bodies in 19 countries.
Prayer needs:

  • Pray for a restoration of peace and order in the face of political and economic instability and ethnic conflicts in Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Pakistan.
  • Pray for protection from growing domestic violence.
  • Pray against discrimination, exploitation, and abuse and for authorities to hear voices and petitions

Baptist Women of North America

This group has 16 member bodies in 2 countries
Prayer needs:

  • The ‘Inside Outside’ program of TREY (Trauma Recovery for Exploited Youth), an organization that provides a safe restorative family environment to youth ages 16 and up who are recovering from sex trafficking. Pray for volunteers who are experiencing fatigue and burnout, pray also for new recruits for this program.
  • For healing and reconciliation for indigenous women who may have a heart for ministry but need mentoring and leadership training to support them in the work they do in their communities.
  • Praise God for the new monthly Empowerment and Networking Webinar series that engages a wide cross-section of Baptist women, helping them enhance their leadership skills and prepare for improved services in their areas of ministry. (173 registered participants from all over the world.)

European Baptist Women’s Union

This group represents 50 countries.
Prayer needs:

  • Please open people’s eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of materialism, selfishness, racism etc. to God our Saviour.
  • For those who suffered the consequences of the pandemic in ways such as grief, domestic violence, social distancing, unemployment, homelessness, postponed surgeries, etc.
  • For women in countries with social instability, economic collapse, persecution, war, and climate disasters

Baptist Women’s Union of Latin America

This group represents 25 member bodies in 21 countries.
Prayer needs:

  • For an end to domestic violence
  • Jobs for young people
  • A deepening in our walk with God
  • We pray to set up a free phone line for EVERY Latin American Country to give support to women facing unexpected pregnancies. (At present just one, in Argentina)

Baptist World Alliance, Women’s Department

BWA Women connects women from 151 countries of the world to help women thrive.

Prayer Requests:

  • That Baptist women around the world thrive. There is so much in our world that attempts to hinder women from living out all that God has called us to be and do.
  • That our core values will be met and exceeded in women’s lives through the next year.
  • That every woman finds her true worth and strength in Christ.
  • That every woman lives out all God made her to be and do.
  • That our new online training workshops will further resource Baptist women around the world.   
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