Every five years, new officers take on their roles as the BWA Women president and secretary-treasurer for the upcoming five year term. Normally this transition takes place at our quinquennial global women’s conference. This year, of course, the Global Conference of Baptist Women has been postponed due to the corona virus. With that being the case, this Transition Ceremony will be taking place online as so many things are these days!

Plan to join with women across the globe for

BWA Women LIVE Virtual Transition Ceremony
July 16th, 2020
13:30 GMT

(Click here to check what time zone that will be in your location)

Link to join the Ceremony

Meeting ID: 960 6938 6669
Password: 563527

Only 300 will be able to view the live ceremony so join the waiting room early.
Don’t worry. If you miss it, by July 20th you will be able to view the Ceremony on the BWA YouTube channel.

Outgoing Officers
2015 – 2020

Secretary-treasurer, Kathy James
and President, Ksenija Magda

Your president from the last five years, Dr. Ksenija Magda, shares her parting thoughts with you.
“In whatever way I try to start this last official address as president it sounds like an empty phrase.

Yes, I will never be the same again. The experience of the world can never be undone, the memory of places and people leave a permanent mark.

Yes, this role has burst my bubble and catapulted me at least one light year closer to God. I have glimpses of insights that will require another life-time to unpack into the pace of normal human life.

Yes, I have seen God at work in an amazing way. It’s hard to imagine how the life I am returning to can ever compete. But on the other hand, I know that true miracles only really happen on grass-root level, with real women who take on the enemy in real time and in real circumstances. I learned a lot about the suffering of the present times – as the apostle Paul calls this in Romans 8:18. But I have also seen how the suffering that challenges sin produces the life-giving glory of God already in the now.

Some little part of me wishes to continue travelling the world visiting you all and hugging you (of course in a very disinfected, physically distant way). Some part of me worries that may be, we have been the last great generation of real contact and that the world will continue in the “new normal” of those online meetings, that feel like a TV reality show, and is easily turned off when overwhelming. I hope not. I pray not. And I pray that Rio 2021 will bring us together in a new and improved way.

Recently, I have discovered that missing out on this real good-bye in Rio 2020 makes me truly sad. I wished I could have hugged you and kept you close. But I will have to walk through this pain courageously, understanding that in Christ, we remain one even when apart. In this knowledge the life of the children of God is shaped by those on the other side of the world – by their joys and their sorrows. Given the experience of the past months in “isolation” the global church has never been as visibly united.

Indeed, in returning to my new normal life, I am not missing a thing. I am only stepping out of the one role but embracing my identity in Christ, still in Him living and breathing with all of you, my sisters, his life in a dying world.”

Standing together with you,
Ksenija Magda

Incoming Officers

President – elect Karen Wilson, Australia
Secretary-Treasurer – elect Sherrie Cherdak, USA

Join us for this special Transition Ceremony, July 16th!
Click here

Meeting ID: 960 6938 6669
Password: 563527

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