Women’s Sunday: 7th March 2021, in Women’s History Month

In the past, women’s achievements were rarely written or discussed, so we lacked the history that modelled women in leadership. One result is that people have thought men are preferable in church leadership. To respond to this gap we are featuring women in leadership, giving role models to inspire and strengthen NZ Baptists as an increasingly inclusive church.

For Women’s Sunday, we  chose 7th March as the Sunday nearest International Women’s day on 8th March. Why not use Mother’s Day? Because it has been found problematic for some (e.g. a mother or child recently passed away, women who’ve longed for a child) and not culturally celebrated by others. And of course, it is focussed on motherhood – only one of the roles that women hold.

Church service

The following are elements of a church service that highlight some of the ways God has used women, and invite others to serve God in their own unique ways.  Please click on the links to see the material and resources.

Four paragraphs of four women pioneers that may be read out by church volunteers; the links below contain longer articles and photos that may be downloaded:

Children’s programme, which incorporates a child-friendly story of Rosalie Macgeorge’s work that can be used for a children’s talk, as well as Scripture, reflections, games and crafts.

A brief video interview of a recent woman leader, Marjorie (Gibson) McSaveney

Choice of two narrative sermons on women leaders. They take small mentions of women who are normally not noticed by readers, and add archaeological and geographical detail to fill out our knowledge.

Prayer of hope and for justice, that may be read out partly by the congregation.

Other suggestions:

  • Honour a woman leader in your own church,
  • Honour several women leaders of church ministries,
  • Give a special women’s morning tea,
  • Have women lead the church service

Some relevant bible readings with various topics in mind are:

  • women in: mission: John 4:27-30, 39
  • women in education: Proverbs 31:1-2, 8-9
  • women in ministry: Romans 16: 1-2, 6-7, 12
  • women in community: Proverbs 31:17-20, 25-26, 30-31


Ongoing work

Please note that we will continue to offer postings giving “women of the month” until at least the end of the year!  Please see the collection page for all posts with this subject.

If you’d like further resources on women’s issues please see
< this page >.

"Huldah" - Art by Sarah Beth Baca sarahbethart.com
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  1. Naomi Q 5 months ago

    Our church (Hosanna Avondale Baptist Church) participated in this event. Our pastor, Henry Feleti, asked me to speak. I talked a little about the day, and then what resonated to me from four of the women’s ministries. From Joan’s life, it was her travelling 70mi to do sunday school with one child for 6mths ( I swapped out Kate Edger with Joan Milner). From Vivienne’s it was her faithful step-by-step service, From Rosalie I took her commitment to serving even to death. From Pat I took her awareness of the work that needed doing and following of Jesus in the face of conventional living.
    I also read Hebrews 13:1-3, and talked a little bit about how I felt encouraged by being part of a 2000 year history of people choosing to serve God, especially when confronted by the witness of those who do not see God in the world, only chance and nature.
    I am looking forward to seeing stories in the future of women who have different background and culture. 🙂

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