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Have you ever had so many items to pray about that you drop them all, and just focus on your core items again?

This coming up week of prayer is your opportunity to set aside some time to lay some wider issues before God, in the company of women throughout New Zealand. Let us, as New Zealand Baptist women, all draw together to pray for other New Zealand women.

We have selected some NZ women leaders to each lead us in prayer for some groups of women. Either alone, or gathering in your friend / church groups, join us in prayer. We will send out the leader’s prayer on Instagram, Facebook, by email, and posted here on our website. You can just join in with that prayer, or use it as a trigger to add your own prayers – whatever suits you.

We have set up an events page that shows the date, the group of women that we will be praying for, and the leaders name who will be leading us in prayer. The page will be updated with the prayers before the week’s commencement.

Please join us!

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