The mini summit is over and done, and a worthwhile time was had!

Nearly 100 people attended: most zooming in by themselves, but a few lucky people joined into the Zoom meet with their church group.

We had three keynote speakers: Angela Pedersen talked about God being with us, within our roles and task juggling; Monique Lee discussed what might be holding us women back from serving in leadership – maybe voices from around us, or maybe voices within us; and Jaimee Van Gemerden spoke about how collaborating and knowledge sharing helps empower those who have been excluded from theological thinking.

It was great to hear the keynote speakers talking across the range of topics: formational, practical and theological. It was also great to see the faces of NZ women of all ages, from across NZ, all joining in and some even responding thoughtfully in a few general discussions.

We are planning to send out a survey to any participants (that we have their email address for) in the next couple of weeks, to find out their thoughts. If you attended, please give us your feedback! We will use it in our planning for other events of a similar nature.

If you missed the mini conference, we have the videos of the keynote speakers below. 🙂

Angela Pedersen "The Juggle is Real: at work, in your family. God is at work in the Juggle."

Monique Lee: What is holding you back from leading - the voices around you or the voice within you?

Jaimee van Gemerden: Collaborate to empower voices traditionally excluded from theology


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