We want to see all NZ Baptist women thriving in Baptist Church life, celebrating the faith we share.
We aim to be a steadfast voice for Baptist women, by connecting, strengthening and upholding one another to be co-workers in God’s Kingdom.

In using this website, you agree:

  • Your purpose is to connect with, strengthen and uphold other NZ Baptist Women, and in turn be strengthened yourself.
  • You will only copy images from the site once you have got permission from the NZ Baptist Women’s Board.
  • You will only share personal information about others when you have received permission from them.

You accept that the NZ Baptist Women’s Board is the final judge of the way in which users relate to each other and take content from this site, and that the board reserves the right to remove users who do not relate to each other or take content from the site in line with the purpose of this website.

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