Tuakana- Teina Mentoring

Mentoring skills and tools for helping Baptist women leaders discover their potential

Why Tuakana- Teina Mentoring

  1. There is a hidden gender bias in paths to leadership: we invite pastors and other leaders to be proactive.
  2. Research shows that the calling process for women is different from men. Women often think they need to be 95% qualified for a task now.

To step into leadership, women need to have:

  1. Others acknowledge and call out their gifting
  2. Other women ahead so they can see a role model
  3. Mentoring to continue to develop steps forward to keep them growing

Our objective:

Help women discover how they are wired and grow in God, relationships and understanding their gifting and calling.

Great Mentors understand “One generation will tell the next the glories of the Lord.”- Psalm 145

Tuakana – Teina Mentoring

Coaching (Tautoko)

Empowering (Whakamana)

Providing direction (Arahanga)

Tuakana – Teina (older sister – younger sister) is walking alongside so the conversation is more of a two-way street. This means that there is not so much pressure on the mentor to be an expert but to listen well, help unpack and together find steps forward.

“If you carry one handle of the kete and I carry the other handle we can share the load”.

If the load is shared, we can walk and talk and laugh and trust and enjoy our kinship.

A young adult’s experience of mentoring

1) Built a Friendship – really cared.

2) Found out what was important for me.

3) Asked me hard faith questions.

4) Kept on following up on my issues with me.

5) Held me accountability.

6) Prayed for me.

What Happens Next?

  1. The Teina will fill in a questionnaire to help them focus on different areas of their life to decide where they want to focus and grow?
  2. The Tuakana will read it to understand the Teina’s strengths, challenges and where they want to grow.
  3. Meet together, get to know each other, tell your story, listen to theirs and chat.
    • Go over the questionnaire together and help them decide on their area of growth/goals.
    • What next steps do they think they should take? (input if you need to)
    • What accountability is helpful?
    • Make your next meeting time before you leave
  4.  PRAY FOR THEM!….. Keep praying
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